Vehicle monitoring

GPS vehicle control -
increase work time up to 100%

Identification module -
work time tracking

Flow meter -
instant and total fuel consumption accounting

CAN-bus -
instant and total fuel consumption accounting

additional mechanisms

Fuel level sensor -
economy up to 40%


By introducing our systems,
you cut your expenses by up to 40%


Supervise everything
what happens
with your assets


We guarantee
high reliability of our work


We use an individual
approach to every customer


The Monitorland Group of companies offers premium quality solutions
for satellite tracking for various business spheres.

Logistics and Distribution

Today to logistics and distribution belong such areas as courier delivery, service cars, delivery of cargoes and finished products where minibuses, motorcars, mopeds and motorbike are used..

Oil and Gas

The oil and gas industry requires the use of a large number of various vehicles, including specialized vehicles. The enterprises engaged in such activities are trying to automate to the fullest extent the processes of extraction, processing and transportation of oil and gas.

Agroindustrial Complex

The agroindustrial complex is a very important sector of the country’s vital activity providing people with many food products. It unites all branches of our economy, from production and processing of agricultural products to their sale directly to consumers.

Cargo Transportation

Results of introduction of the GLONASS/GPS tracking system from the Monitorland Group of companies for cargo transportation: Elimination of the equipment downtime; Strengthening work discipline of the drivers; Enhancement of the transportation safety; Reduction of misuse of vehicles and equipment by up to 100%;

VIDEO Surveillance

One of the most sought-after areas in the sphere of security, after all it is applied not only in business and industry but almost everywhere. You can meet the surveillance cameras in offices and apartments, in garages and on children’s playgrounds, they control elevators and entrance halls, they are installed in schools, kinder gardens and in many other facilities.

Passenger Traffic

GPS tracking of passenger traffic means a complete control of the passenger transportation. Its performance is monitored including the transportation of people by drivers, on various routes both inside and outside the city. The GPS/GLONASS tracking systems are applied to the following categories of vehicles: minibuses, buses, trams and trolleybuses.