Application of GPS Monitoring: Effectiveness and Benefits

The GPS vehicle tracking is one of the most promising fields in the sphere of transportation systems development. The companies providing for the working enterprises the possibility to perform their duties on the basis of data obtained with the aid of GPS vehicle tracking , help to establish links between such domains of our life as production, raw material supply, trade, services and even recreation.

Our company Monitorland is engaged into vehicle tracking for companies and enterprises from various fields of economic activity since 2013. To date, we actively cooperate with both carriers and enterprises of agricultural or housing-and-municipal spheres. Furthermore, we readily take up the development of tracking systems in the framework of individual projects.

How Does It Work?

The GPS vehicle tracking system is based on fitting out the vehicles with tracking devices which are receivers of the satellite signals and transmit information directly to our monitoring center. The information set received from tracking devices is formed on the basis of data obtained from sensing devices installed on the vehicles.

A standard sensing device contains the equipment which monitors location, axle load and, of course, fuel consumption. A report based on data obtained from such sensing devices is quite sufficient so that to assess the work of the vehicle within a designated time period.

A satellite GPS tracking can also include installation of additional sensing devices according to the customer’s requirements. These can be devices recording the number of transported passengers which is very important in the sphere of taxi transportation and for enterprises specializing in passenger transportation.

The GPS vehicle tracking systems have an excellent software that make it possible to collect and transmit to the accounting center the information from the sensing devices, then process it and transmit to the user in a format convenient for accounting. Apart from that, an agreement with a company can include provisions requiring the necessity to monitor the customer’s vehicles throughout the whole travel and to ensure coordination between the office and the drivers as well as a number of additional services.

Advantages of Installation of GPS Tracking System

The GPS vehicle tracking is widely used today due to the possibility to resolve a broad spectrum of tasks aimed at the productivity improvement and cost reduction.

It is through the use of tracking systems that an entrepreneur can:

  • Always be aware of the route of vehicles that are on a trip, thereby regulating the production levels;
  • Track fuel consumption;
  • Put a stop to any unauthorized use of the corporate vehicles;
  • Effectively assist employees if timely assistance is required.

The GPS tracking of any moving transport is the core business of our company Monitorland which we actively pursue for several years. During this time we were able to create a well coordinated team made up of specialists and earn a reputation of a reliable partner you can trust and rely on. Large corporations work with us. We know how to do the work in an efficient way.

Why We?

  • Extensive experience in the market of satellite tracking and safety systems.
  • We are able to offer to the customers proven comprehensive solutions as to monitoring of vehicles, staff and goods enabling the customers to optimize the processes of management, control and reporting.
  • We use only the best quality equipment and software which have been certified according to the international and Ukrainian legislation and meet the most demanding requirements, thus ensuring a flawless and reliable operation of the equipment over a long period of time.
  • Professional technical assistance.
  • We work in three countries.
  • Individual approach to each customer is created pursuant to requirements taking into account the specificity of its activities. This offers an opportunity to considerably save funds, effectively and reasonably use vehicles, monitor staff performance and a lot more.