BI 810 CONNECT and BI 820 CONNECT are used for online vehicle GPS tracking and control with transmitting data  from CONNECT BUS to server via GPRS/3G

Device provides tracking and control of additional modules, which are connected to CONNECT BUS

  • Built-in battery allows to operate up to 12 hours without external power

  • Device stores up to 65000 records (several weeks) in offline mode without the GSM coverage and automatically uploads them to server when GSM appears.

  • The case is made of fiberglass-reinforced and provides IP65 protection.

  • Supports FOTA (firmware-over-the-air) - remote firmware upload and setting adjustments.

  • Device has open protocol and is compatible with many popular software.

  • User-friendly interface for configuratio
Supply type Constant
Data transfer GSM 900/1800
Communication methods GPRS, SMS for settings
GPRS class 10
GPS and GSM antennas External/internal
Navigation system type GPS/GLONASS
Digital interfaces CAN (CONNECT-BUS)
The number of variables read from the Connect Bus Bus 20
Accelerometer +
SIM-cards 1
Battery capacity 1000 mA
Supply voltage 6/40V
Typical current consumption (12V) 60mА
Maximum current consumption (12V) 350mА
Internal nonvolatile memory 2MB (65 000 records)
Operating temperature from -30° to +80° С
Dimensions 95 х 85 х 33 mm
Weight 175 g.
Ingress Protection IP65
Humidity 80 +/- 15%