METEOTREK are used for collection of weather data and its transmission via GPRS.

Measuring information is converted into digital and analog signals, goes to the main unit where processed, stored in nonvolatile memory and is transmitted to server.

Displaying the measurement results, its storage, processing and analysis is made with specialized software (not supplied).

Data protocol is compatible with standard BITREK protocol.

  • Qualitative measurement of: temperature and humidity; wind speed and direction; precipitation, atmospheric pressure; soil temperature; intensity of solar radiation.
  • Weather stations METEOTREK work 24/7 and are fully autonomous.
  • Weather stations are supplied from solar battery or – if there’s no sun – from built-in 12V battery.
  • Weather stations have modular construction so user can choose only necessary adjustments. Additional sensors can be installed later.
battery charge full time 8 hours in clear sunny day
continuous operation from built-in battery with connected sensor not less than 72 hours in the following conditions: - data transmission from sensors four times per hour; - Transmission of measurement data from the main unit to external devices - eight times a day.
Input signals 4-20 mA interface discrete impulse signal DC 0-110 i2c interface
Output signal GPRS, BITREK data protocol
Power supply 5V solar battery, 12V 1,3 A/h battery
Input signals convert error > ± 0,2%
Operating temperature from - 40 to +60 ° С
Dimensions 200х120х75mm
Weight 1,2 kg
Current consumption > 0, 3 A
Humidity up to 100% without condensation

Standard equipment:

  • Main unit with modem and battery
  • Solar panel
  • mounting kit
  • user manual
  • temperature and relative humidity sensor
  • atmospheric pressure sensor
  • Soil temperature sensor
  • Wind speed sensor
  •  Wind direction sensor
  •  Rainfall sensor


  • Solar radiation sensor
  • The aluminum vertical stand (2 m, Ø 60 mm).