Strela D232 and D485

The fuel level sensors Strela D 232 (D485) with digital interface RS232 (RS485) apply to use with record or monitoring systems that have input interface.  Some of compatible AVL devices - Intellitrac, Teltonika, DaisyTrack.


Digital interface can work with MODBUS protocols or with Omnicomm-compatible protocol. Protocol parameters: up to 19200 bit per second, 8 bit, 1 stop bit. Resolution - 1024 or 65535 points per length. 


Sensor model

Strela D232, Strela D485

-type of output signal

Serial interface RS232 or RS 485

Data protocol: Omnicomm, Modbus

Fuel level 0%


Fuel level 100%


Fuel alarm output


Supply voltage, V


Maximum current, mA


Distance from lower end from tank after installation, mm

1... 20

Length of sensor,mm

180...2000    and up to 10000 for composite sensors

Measurement error, % of sensor length

± 0.2

Max value of error**

 ± 1,0 %.

Self-diagnostic feature