BI 820 TREK (OBD) is used for online vehicle GPS tracking and control with the connection to the board computer via OBD-II interface.

BI 820 TREK (OBD) determines the coordinates, speed, distance, and obtains data from board computer and sends all the information to server via GPRS.

Parameters, read from the board computer: distance from the odometer, fuel level, fuel consumption, engine speed, vehicle speed, calculated engine load, coolant temperature, the temperature of the intake air, absolute barometric pressure, the position of the acceleration pedal, time elapsed from the start of the engine

  • The device provides high-quality tracking, control of ignition and reading data from the board computer of the vehicle. The number and type of parameters depends on car model.
  • Connection is made to the OBD-II connector via 1m cable.
  • Built-in battery allows operation up to 12 hours without the external power.
  • Device stores up to 65000 records (several weeks) in offline mode without the GSM coverage and automatically uploads them to server when GSM
  • appears.
  • The case is made of fiberglass-reinforced and provides IP65 protection.
  • Supports FOTA (firmware-over-the-air) - remote firmware upload and setting adjustments.
  • Device has open protocol and is compatible with many popular software.
Data transfer GSM 900/1800
Communication methods GPRS, SMS for settings
GPRS class 10
GPS and GSM antennas Internal
Navigation system type GPS/GLONASS/GALILEO/BEIDOU
Accelerometer +
Protected power circuit +
SIM-cards 1
Supply voltage 12/24 V
Typical current consumption (12V) 60 mA
Maximum current consumption (12V) 350 mA
Internal nonvolatile memory 2MB (65 000 records)
Built-in battery 1 000mA
Operating temperature from -30° to +80° С
Dimensions 95 х 95 х 29 mm
Weight 208 g.
Ingress Protection IP65