BI 310 CICADA is used for GPS tracking and control of moving object via GPS or LBS.

Has 2 different configuration:

Non-rechargeable battery, 3200 mA battery capacity - sending about 1400 positions
Rechargeable battery, 1500 mA battery capacity - sending about 750 positions

  • The device contains built-in battery and requires no external power source.
  • Built-in battery allows to operate for up to 4 years sending data once a day.
  • Due to its small dimensions device may be installed in a vast variety of places.
  • While sleeping cannot be detected by GSM scanners.
  • Supports FOTA (firmware-over-the-air) - remote firmware upload and settings adjustments during the next communication session with server.
  • Device operates via open protocol and is compatible with many popular software.
Data transfer GSM 900/1800
Communication methods GPRS
GPRS class 10
Navigation system type GPS + LBS
SIM-cards 1
Built-in battery 700 mА / 1400 mА / 3200 mА
Operating temperature from -30° to +70° С
Dimensions 55 х 70 х 22 mm
Weight 90 g
Ingress Protection IP64