Company The Research and Industrial Enterprise “DISC SYSTEMS”

The Research and Industrial Enterprise “DISC SYSTEMS” LLC is one of the leaders of contract manufacturing of electronics at the territory of Ukraine. The company has the manufacture facilities certified under ISO 9001 with more than 200 permanent specialists.

Since 2010, we develop and manufacture the equipment for GPS-tracking and control of vehicles. During this period, several generations of devices have been manufactured under the trademark BITREK®.

Company Gurtam

Behind the word Gurtam are 14 years of experience in development of the software solutions for the GPS tracking and a team of talented specialists putting their heart and soul into the business. We are united by the work over our own products and by four regional offices: the head office and the development center are in Minsk and sales offices are in Moscow, Boston and Dubai. To date the solutions by Gurtam occupy about 30% of the market of commercial transport tracking systems in the CIS countries and are actively expanding to the markets of Europe, the Middle East, the USA, South America, Australia and even New Zealand...

Company Teltonika

Teltonika is a team of professionals open for cooperation and ready to assist you in fulfillment of your needs. Attention and support in resolving the vital problems and implementing the business plans allow us to grow together with our customers.

Not so long ago it seemed that the GSM network exhausted itself, however, after the emergence of HSCSD, GPRS, EDGE and 3G technologies, new opportunities for the remote control have arisen – the М2М technology and the market for new solutions.